School of Bhangra

School of Bhangra fitness classes are now in full swing!

Jodi Dancers launched School of Bhangra fitness classes in March 2019 and have been running ever since! Our classes are designed for all ages and abilities, so everyone is welcome. School of Bhangra classes are fitness classes to help relieve people of stress, make new friends and learn some moves. Mental health is a big issue in society and something as simple as attending a fitness class can help a long way!

Express & Star have recently taken note of the hard work we do in our fitness classes and wrote an article on us!


Panjeba - School of Bhangra

Sweetoo - School of Bhangra

Heavyweight Bhangra - School of Bhangra

Bhangra camps

We run camps throughout the year and in 2019 we completed our first 5-week Autumn camp at The King’s Church of England School, Wolverhampton!  During February 2020 we ran our 4-week Winter Camp at EasyGym, West Bromwich.

We will be returning with more camps in the future! In the meantime make sure you check out our new Bhangra at Home page.