Mixed Team

Meet the team

We officially launched our Mixed Team in August 2019! Our talented youngsters have put in a lot of hard work and dedication to perfect their routine and are excited about putting on a performance for your event!

They have participated in charity events, raising awareness for good causes and carry our ethos of promoting a family friendly environment. They help each other out during their private training sessions whilst also enjoying what they do!

Mixed Team are available for bookings!


Favourite Bhangra Move: Punjab
Hobby: Cricket
Interesting Fact: Speaks 4 languages and play 4 instruments


Favourite Bhangra Move: Sheesha/Punjab
Favourite Genre of Music: Punjabi/Grime
Hobby: Listening to music, eating & sleeping
Interesting Fact: Rookie Lifeguard


Favourite Bhangra Move: Sheesha
Favourite Genre of Music: Grime
Hobby: Gaming
Interesting Fact: Doing magic tricks


Favourite Bhangra Move: Sheesha
Favourite Genre of Music: Pop
Hobby: Slime
Interesting Fact: Has a chocolate Labrador called Galaxy born on Valentine’s day


Favourite Bhangra Move: Punjab
Favourite Genre of Music: Hip-Hop
Hobby: Football
Interesting Fact: Goalkeeper for a Sunday league team


Favourite Bhangra Move: Thari Jhummar
Favourite Genre of Music: Pop
Hobby: Singing, dancing & reading
Interesting Fact: 2 stories published in a book

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