Nav & Manny on their first dance - Jodi Dancers

Nav & Manny on their first dance

We just wanted to say a huge thank you to Rav and Pritpal for teaching us our dance routine for our first dance on our wedding reception

We have both been to Bhangra lessons which Rav has taught over the last six months. Rav was an amazing teacher during these classes and we both loved the way she would watch the whole class and if she felt someone wasn’t doing a move quiet right she would come over and perfect it! I feel this really enabled us to get a hang of all the basic moves (as we knew nothing to begin with) and she has honestly been a great teacher!

We had both spoke about learning a routine for our reception but didn’t feel confident enough. We then decided to ask Rav at short notice if we could book them to teach us a routine. Rav and Pritpal just over a week before our wedding used our song choice to make and teach us a routine. We asked them to use basic moves as we are beginners and so with one class they taught us a dance to Choorey Wali Baah. They made sure they perfected our routine and asked us for progress videos to ensure that we were doing moves correctly, correcting us where necessary.

After we performed our dance routine at our wedding reception, we had so many comments on how good it was! People thought we had been practicing for months, but because we had such great teachers, we mastered the dance in just under a week!

Thank you guys, we honestly appreciate your hard work!

Navdeep and Manny